Ceiling Fan Selection Tips

Ceiling Fan Selection

Beat the heat this summer by installing a new ceiling fan in your home, but what things should you consider in your new ceiling fan selection?

Mister Sparky offers these five ceiling fan selection tips, as well as professional ceiling fan installation services.

A properly installed fan can compliment your air conditioner by letting it run less. This improves efficiency and is better for the environment -not to mention the money you save on energy bills. Ceiling fans can also be beneficial during the winter months -with a quick switch in direction, your fan will push the warmer air at the ceiling back down to spread throughout the room.

Another advantage to installing a ceiling fan is room decor. Put that finishing touch on your favorite room without sacrificing space for a floor standing or desk fan. With modern design and improved mechanics, your ceiling fan can become a feature of a room without being noisy or an eyesore. They are also safer for kids and pets.

In ceiling fan selection, there are 5 points to take into consideration:

  1. Blade Pitch -The wider the blade and higher the angle, the more air gets moved.
  2. Blade Finish -Make sure the factory has treated the blades with a moisture sealant to prevent wooden blades from warping and peeling, and metal blades from scratching and tarnishing.
  3. Motor Quality -Fans that come with motors with sealed and lubricated ball bearings require less maintenance, if any.
  4. Energy Star Rated -Energy Star-rated fans are 50% more efficient than conventional ones.
  5. Installation -This is very important when deciding where you want your fan located in your room as well as ensuring optimal efficiency. Watch our short 10-step installation video!