Learn some Halloween Lighting ideas with Mister Sparky Kansas City electricians.

3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas

3 DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas

One of the best ways to make a home look ready for Halloween is by changing the lighting. The right lighting can create a spooky atmosphere and accent a variety of Halloween decorations. Check out these cute Halloween lighting ideas that can easily be made with basic craft store items.

Mummy Mason Jars

These adorable mason jars are Halloween lighting ideas that can be made with young children. The Halloween lighting ideas make a great centerpiece on the table, or they can be stuck on shelves around the house to make a spooky little decorating accent. This Idea was found at the DIYnetwork!

Halloween Lighting Ideas are fun projects being done by a Mister Sparky OKC electrician.

Required items:
• Mason jars of various sizes
• Googly eyes
• Battery powered candles
• Gauze bandages
• Decoupage glue

1. Cut the gauze bandages in half lengthways to make narrower strips.
2. Paint the outside of the mason jar with the decoupage glue.
3. Gently wind the gauze around the jar, crisscrossing and angling the strips as desired. Go from the bottom all the way to the top.
4. Paint another layer of the glue on the jar to make it stick.
5. Gently glue two googly eyes to the middle of the jar.
6. Place the battery powered candle inside of the jar and turn it on.

Halloween Luminaries

When the light is not on, these little Halloween lighting ideas will just look like they are plain white. However, once you turn them on, you will see cute silhouettes of a witch, cat, pumpkin, or whatever else you want. This simple Halloween lighting ideas project just requires six items and a few minutes of your time. This Halloween Luminaries idea came from the making lemonade blog.

Mister Sparky sharing Halloween Lighting Ideas that make witches fly.

Click here for the original page making lemonade blog.

Required items:
• Stickers or die cuts of Halloween themed silhouettes
• Glass vases
• Freezer paper
• Tape
• Scissors
• Electric tealights

1. Measure the glass vase and cut freezer paper to a height and width that allows you to wrap it around the vase.
2. Decorate the waxy side of the paper with your desired stickers or die cuts.
3. Wrap the paper around the vase with the stickers on the inside. Tape it in place.
4. Place tea lights inside and turn them on.

Jack O’ Lantern

This has been the most common Halloween lighting idea for centuries. This may not be the Newest way to light up your Halloween, but it has been proven to provide a fun time for anyone involved. This Halloween Lighting Idea allows you to have the creativity flow as you carve your pumpkin. There is never a bad Jack O’ Lantern!

Required Items:
• A Medium/Large Size pumpkin
• Medium-Large Size knife
• (optional) Pumpkin carving kit
• Thumb Tac
• Spoon

Cut a circle around the top of the pumpkin Stem and set aside. Lift the recently cut piece off the pumpkin and begin to get rid of all of the pumpkin guts. Use the spoon to go around the inside of the pumpkin to ensure the pumpkin is clean on the inside. Next, use the thumb tac to put tiny holes in the pumpkin to use as a stencil for when you start to carve the pumpkin. Once you have cut along the holes of your pumpkin, place a candle in it and watch it glow!

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