Home Lighting Trends for 2017

Home Lighting Trends

As the end of 2016 draws near, the days have become shorter with darkness arriving much earlier! We find ourselves spending more time inside our homes, and we can easily contract a bit of cabin-fever staring at the same walls every day. A bit of relief can come from switching things up. Consider making a home lighting change. New home lighting can actually brighten up your spaces and make your chilly home seem a bit cozier. With that said, here is a peek at some popular home lighting trends for 2017.

  • Boxy, Geometric ShapesMister Sparky OKC electricians showing lighting trends.

Stores are already overflowing with angular light fixtures that are comprised entirely of interlocking triangles, squares, rectangles, and other geometric shapes. In addition to this, these connected shapes often form the larger shape of the fixture itself! Another popular design is simple, rectangular boxes that form around each other. These boxy, geometric shapes reflect a simplistic, modern style that is even better when paired with industrial materials!

  • Industrial and Modern Fixtures

Society is always evolving, new technology being invented, and industry booming. With that, many people opt to reflect this industrial and modern look in their homes through raw and rustic, metal light fixtures. The key to achieving this style is to find fixtures with an unfinished and raw texture. As for colors, the scheme is very monochromatic, with gold, bronze, brass, and nickel accent pieces to mix things up.

  • Nature-Inspired Lighting

Even among all of the industrial trends, people still look to nature for inspiration. Whether it is found in fixtures that resemble natural elements and shapes or fixtures that replicate warm glows and bright natural lights, these lighting appliances provide a natural accent to any room. If you’re tired of the industrial feel or if you simply want something understated, yet bold, this is the trend for you!

  • Home lighting trends are easy with Mister Sparky OKC electricians.Oversized Fixtures

In 2017, bigger is better! Many people are looking for large, unique fixtures that make a statement in their homes. While fixtures are traditionally sized in proportion to the size of the space they will be occupying, this year’s trend is the opposite. People are going big and going home, purchasing bold floor lamps and chandeliers that add flair and pack a visual punch!

  • Smart Lightbulbs

Technology has once again evolved, reinventing the lightbulb entirely. These small, fragile glass bulbs are no longer restricted to being controlled by a switch on the wall. Instead, like most things these days, “smart bulbs” can be controlled by your phone! Depending on the system you install and the bulbs you buy, you can control the color and brightness of the light, as well as set schedules and check energy efficiency.

As you can see, the various lighting trends of 2017 offer a lot of variety. If one of these styles speaks to you, go find your new statement piece and give us a call! We would love to help you get some new light fixtures installed in your home. Happy holidays!