Power Outage Safety

When living in a storm-prone area like Kansas City it’s important to be prepared for for power outages. Most power outages don’t last more than two hours, but it’s important to have a power outage safety plan in place in case the loss of power continues for several hours.

Mister Sparky Electrician Kansas City sent this electrician to repair a power outage caused by a storm.We encourage all households to have an emergency kit prepared and a power outage safety plan in place. Read about the American Red Cross recommended list for emergency kits here, and check out a comprehensive preparation list for power outage safety here.


During loss of power it’s important to use flashlights instead of candles, to reduce the risk of fire. If you’re using a home generator it’s important to practice home generator safely to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Keep fridge and freezer doors shut as much as possible to keep food cold as long as possible. We also recommend unplugging appliances that were in use when the power went out, to eliminate the potential of POWER SURGES when the power comes back on. These surges could potentially damage appliances.


Storms and power outages can sometimes leave homes and electrical appliances damaged. Mister Sparky Kansas City offers 24/7 EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN  services, which include residential power outage response and assistance.


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